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I don't write much poetry but here are a few I have done.


I hid inside myself and

Drove the world away.

 When I gave up,

I felt defeated and destroyed.

 The blackness enveloped me,

As I searched for the light

In my soul.

 I wish I had an air balloon.

Id crawl up inside and

Leave the world behind.

A clash of metal
rings through my ear.
Children screaming
desperate with fear.
So deep and so dark.
Blackness surrounds me.
Looking around,
Is this where I should be?
I can hear singing
and one voice alone.
The sound is familiar.
Oh how I want to go home.
Listening closer,
I want to see,
Who is this voice,
Beckoning me.
I love you.
The voice does say.
Come back.
Don't be this way.
Come back my dear.
I miss you so much.
I want to look into your eyes,
And feel your touch.
Those powerful words,
Wrap me around.
Keeps pulling me out,
Where I can be found.
I open my eyes.
What do I see.
A wonderful face,
Looking at me.
The face of the voice,
I can now see.
Beautiful she is.
My angel saved me.
Her love pulled me back,
From an eternal sleep.
Pulling me onward,
So no one would weep.
Copyright 2000 Carlene Reed

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