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Coming Soon !

Books on the way!

Historia Boys:
Coming in Late 2005
Follow the lives of two young boys as they try to grow up during the Revoloutionary war.  Set in South Carolina in the late 1700's, the two boys learn that all is not as it seems.  Find out what happens to the boys when the war forces them to be apart.  Watch as their lives are completely torn apart and they each make decisions that will affect their lives, families, and futures.
This is a young adult novel that will delight children and adults.
This novel has not been named.  Check back to see how you can help name it!
When Marlene left her small hometown in Tennessee to become a successful lawyer in Washington, D.C., she never thought she'd be back.  Needing to confront her past and make peace with her family and friends, she did go home.
When she arrived she learned that her former best friend had been accused of murder.  Would she be able to repair their friendship and clear her friend of the murder? 
What would happen when she saw her first love again and found out he had a secret.   Will the secret threaten her new life and the relationship she builds with the new man in town?  How will she react when she finds out the new guy also has a secret.