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Coffee Table Club

We're a bunch of characters!!

"Welcome to the Coffee Table Club.  Everybody give your name and your story.  I'll start.  My name is Julie and I fell in love over the internet."
"My name is Cole and I got lost in a nasty storm and my wife's ghost saved my life."
"My name is Barbara.  I killed my father only I didn't know it was him at the time."
"My name is Mary.  I was an editor at a publishing company, but I pulled a big scam."
"My name is Jason.  I had a future career of being a doctor, but I made a mistake."
"My name is Andy.  I am a paramedic and I saved a woman's life."
"My name is Brian and I just returned from Iraq."
"My name is Heather and I got a big surprise from a close friend."
My name is Amy and I also got a visit from Heaven."
"Okay, so it looks like we're all here.  You are all characters from the book, Coffee Table Tales, by Carlene Reed.  This is our first meeting.  So my question for this meeting is:  How do you like the book?"
Jason spoke up first.  "I liked all the stories.  I was kinda mad that she ruined my career though.  Or wait...maybe it was me that did that."
"Well I liked my story.  I met a woman."  Andy said.
I looked to Barbara who sat with her arms crossed and a sullen look on her face.  "Barbara?"
"I killed my own father, what do you think I think?"
"Ok then, next?  Anyone?"  I turned to Brian and Heather who were cuddling in the corner.  "Ahem...."
"We're in love."  Brian sang as he kissed Heather on the cheeks.
Mary was writing like mad in a spiral notebook.  She was paying no attention to any of us.
"Mary, your thoughts?"  She paused and looked up at me.
"This is going to make a great book," she said and began her feverish writing.
"Right. Cole how did you get out of that storm?"
"I was saved by my wife's ghost," he said.
"Ghosts?  Honestly you think so?"  I didn't really believe that.
"Ghosts do exist!"  Amy came to his defense.  "One saved my life!"
"Alrighty, I think we need a break."  My head was starting to pound.  Maybe this hadn't been a good idea.  I hoped they would warm up to it in the coming weeks.  "Let's meet again next week, okay?"
Everyone nodded their heads except Brian and Heather who were into some heavy kissing in the corner.  We all filed out of the room leaving them there.  Next week had to go better than this!

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